A. H. Blackman (craymore) wrote in secondprogeny,
A. H. Blackman

Finally the Kindred will come back to Snowy Rock!

A year ago, this December, a LARP ended, but for one night all who want to are welcome to come and return to the little LARP.

On Saturday December 20th, 2nd Progeny will return for one night. A one night of RP set in Snowy Rock, where much of 2P occured, so clear your calenders, and come back to the little town in nothern California which is the center for the most chaotic random apocolyptic nightmares you have ever faced. In reality, the game will take place at the Humanity and Social Sciences building on Saturday December 20th, meeting at 6, game starts around 7. Hope to see all you old players their, and if you don't have a current character I have NPC's as well.

Yours truly,
Adam Blackman ST of 2P
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