Scott (akumadaimyo) wrote in secondprogeny,

Wade Wilson

Wade gunned the throttle on his harley davidson. Things had been too damn slow around Auburn for his liking. Ever since the whole Set thing and SF there hadnt been much for a crazy, slightly psychotic merc to do. Sure Jacob needed people dealt with from time to time but even that got monotonous after a while. On top of all that, those bastards at Marvel changed his identity again! Now he wasn't called Deadpool and didn't wear a mask. Now his persona was called Agent X and the character was Alex Haden. Maybe he should pay those Marvel goons a visit. Nah. Wade popped a wheelie just for fun as he speed down the road. (Yes I know thats hard to do a on a Harley. A bored vampire with lots of time on his hands can learn though!:-P)

Wade certainly was bored. Yep. Bored.

Man there has got to be something to do. Maybe good ole Jacob would have someone else for him to kill or blow up. That at least relieved the boredom for a while.

Wonder what everyone else is up to. Haven't heard much from anyone else in a while. Raven is off doing Raven things and I dont really care what Monica is doing. Judas seemed a decent guy though. Lansing was cool too if a little weird...

Weird comming from me? Thats funny.

Wade grinned under his mask and then frowned.

In any case I better find something to do before I go crazy...opps! Too late.
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