Scott (akumadaimyo) wrote in secondprogeny,

Set in Stone

Solomon looked out over the night skyline of New York City. All beneath him were lights and people. The sounds of the city could be heard all around him. It was a strange feeling for Solomon. It reminded him of San Francisco slightly but New York was so much larger and much noiseir. He missed the friends he had made but at least he felt usefull again. He had helped kill many a Sabbat in the war to take back the city. "Stone Cleaver" as he had come to call his axe had been quiet usefull and had been covered in the blood of many a Sabbat. The weapon forged by Raven Diamond back had served him well. The Plate Mail also forged by Raven had saved Solomon from a rather few nasty blows. As he looked out over the city he rememberd the recent battle and others not so recent...his thoughts wandered. He wondered about how his friends were doing and where they were. He shook his head and cleared his mind. Such thoughts were unimportant right now. All that mattered was helping Craymore and the Camarilla dispose of any Sabbat left in the city. Then the matter of who would be Prince would be resolved...
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