A. H. Blackman (craymore) wrote in secondprogeny,
A. H. Blackman

Welcome to Court...

From the out side the building, could be a very high class invite only charity event. If you looked from a distance the court could have been ignored as one of those high society events San Fransisco is so famous for.

As you come in closer, the faces look less like those from a high society ball. Be it the brujah in the leather jacket and jeans, or the nosferatu primogen in his ratty tuxedo and slightly off features, or The 5 men and women arriving in unison, all dressed in black with odd silver jewlery.

As the people slide in one by one, the building becomes much more animated once you enter the front doors which are guarded by 4 large looking men or what might be better described as gorrillas in black suits.

As you enter a guide guides you down a hall into a large open area filled with colorful works of art and historical weapons and armor. All walks of life gather chatting amongst them selves. Champaigne glasses, filled with blood are served by well dressed service individuals, tables and chairs fill the room, the clans have the closest to the center, and the Catiff have a table off to them selves, though very few people are actually seated.

As the guests arrive, Jasmine Rose, a wonderful statley African American woman, chats pleasently with those who approach her. The other 2 people of obvious power with in the establishment, is a gentleman who hangs near Jasmine, listening to her every word. He is slightly overweight but moves with deffinite authority, and an expectation to be listened to, this is Mathew Tayler the Harpy of the court. The other is a young asian women, who moves with grace and arogance threw the crowd, the Keeper of Ellysium, known as Willow is a up and coming member of clan Tremere, who is favored by the current primogen of clan Tremere, and the prince.
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