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Reunion Tour

A near-empty bus rolled North towards South San Francisco. It was Wednesday, and the Daylight Savings change brought sundown an hour early. Catherine still hadn't adjusted to the seemingly arbitrary adjustment of time. Last week, at this very moment, she would be watching the sun sink rapidly behind the hills and buildings as she travelled home. Tonight, though her watch showed the same time as last week, the sun had been down for more than thirty minutes. The sky had already gone dark on her.

The bus passed beneath street lights, through traffic signals. Flashes of artificial light in white, red, yellow, and green alternately filled the vehicle. It was now almost a quarter till seven. The sun had been down for over an hour. Catherine exited the bus, and started the short, dark walk to her apartment.

Judas Templar felt a mild annoyance in attempting to keep pace with his guide. Reggie seemed particularly talented at shuffling fast enough that anyone walking would quickly fall behind, yet slow enough that a clean jog or brisk walking pace would pull ahead. Judas was convinced the Nosferatu was deliberately varying the pace as a private joke.

"I'm tellin' ya. It's dem Sabbat again. Cummin' up from San Jose an' stirrin' up trouble.", Reggie prattled on as the two of them passed through storm drains, alleys, and abandoned railyards.

"I woulda stopped 'em myself, dey bein' in my yard an' all, but ya never know wit' Sabbat. Dey coulda been more than one pack, just to draw me out. I said to myself, 'Reggie, you smarter dan dat. You go find yourself da scourge, show 'im where dese Sabbat are pokin' 'round.'"

Reggie's voice took on a more conspiratorial tone, "I'm a lil' surprized dat da court took ol' Reggie seriously. Don' no one take Reggie seriously. But dis time, dey send a dep-you-tee scourge wit' me."

The pair rounded a corner, and came across a lonely bus stop, an island of sickly-yellow light on the dark street.

"Jus' go on pas' dat bus stop. You'll find 'er behin' a dumpster near dem apartments. I din' touch a fing."

"Wait, aren't you comin..", Judas' voice trailed off, as he turned to look where Reggie had been. The Nosferatu had already vanished, as if he'd never been there.

Resigned to his course of action, Judas walked the path Reggie had shown him. Past the bus stop, into the darkened parking lot of the apartment complex. His senses, enhanced by magic brought the shadowed lot into sharp focus. Even from yards distant, Judas could smell the cold sweat, blood and trace perfume, he could see the body hidden behind the dumpster.

The girl had been brutally violated. Her corpse betrayed evidence of obscene violence. As Judas expected, she was completely drained of blood. There were irregularities, though. Her savaged face held empty eye sockets, her gaping mouth revealed no tongue. Judas steeled himself for what needed to be done next.

Slowly, almost gently, Judas touched the dead girl's body and opened his senses to the story it had to tell.



Judas didn't feel himself fall against the dumpster. He stared wide-eyed at his hand, as if it had somehow betrayed him. Slowly, deliberately Judas regained control of his thoughs, his emotions. He began to sift through the images still fresh in his mind.

She... Catherine had been attacked by vampires. They came at her from the dark, drove her to the ground, drained her blood from... Something didn't seem right.

Judas climbed to his feet, and staggered from the dumpster. His mind reeling, trying to resolve the nagging inconsistencies beginning to torment him.
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