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A. H. Blackman

State of the World of 2nd Progeny Darkness...

A year after the end of 2nd Progeny, the World still shakes from the movment of Set. In California alone, the whole chaotic state has broken down into war amongst the kindred. The Anarchs have flooded all over, the sabbat have gone on a rampage and the Camarilla has an even stronger presence then before.

The Strongest Camarilla City in all of California is San Fransisco, home of Prince Aristotle an respected Elder of clan Toreador, given the responsibility of governing the City, in repayment of a boon to the Malkavian Justicar, the former prince of Baton Rouge, now governs over San Fransisco.

His Seneschal is a young charming Ventrue Ancillae by the name of Jasmine Rose, as the right hand to the prince Jasmine serves her prince with absolute loyalty.

Even the Sabbat have struck some hard times with their pressed hand the Camarilla and Anarchs have flooded south, striking LA, the last major California Strong Hold of the Sabbat is San Diego. In between is all chaos. Auburn and Snowy Rock both also remain in the hands of the Cam, if you count Danni as being Cam.

Across the nation the nation as a whole follows suit, in the North East, the Camarilla battles to take back massive lands from the sabbat, while in the South East, the Settites manipulate and manuveer all groups to bring forth sacrifice and service to their dark lords. Seattle, is firmly sabbat, with their center in Seattle, and Oregon firmly Camarilla. The two great forces glare across from each other, across battle lines. The stalemate may just have been damaged with an assassination of the replacement Lord of the Tremeres assassination, possibly at the hands of the Sabbat.

New York is embroiled in a difficult battle over who should be prince of the newly taken back domain. Open to some major politics for some ambitious neonates, and ancillae.

The rest of the country can be defined as needed.

Your truly,
The Adam
ST of 2P
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